• Description

    Acne scars are lasting reminders of past breakouts, characterized by uneven skin texture and discoloration, often appearing as pits or raised areas on the skin's surface. These scars result from the skin's attempt to heal acne lesions, leaving behind visible marks that can affect one's confidence and complexion.

  • Cause

    Acne scars develop when the skin's healing process is disrupted by inflammation caused by severe acne lesions, leading to abnormal collagen production and tissue damage. Picking or popping pimples can exacerbate this process, increasing the likelihood of scarring by further injuring the skin.

  • Treatment

    We offer effective treatments for different types of acne scars:

    • Atrophic Acne scar treatment (Boxcar, Ice-Pick, Rolling): A unique set of procedures is done either simultaneously or individually depending on our skin type, scar type, scar texture, and size. This procedure combines a set of techniques including lasers, microneedling RF, microneedling, PRP, and/or subcision. If considered necessary our expert physician may decide to also include the use of TCA treatments for ice-pick scarring.

    • Pigmentation Acne scar treatment: A combination of specific chemical peels based on your skin type to get you the fastest results.

    • Keloid Acne & Hypertrophic Acne scarring : Combination of techniques including punch grafting, Kenalog treatments, ablative treatments, and chemical treatments.