• Description

    Keloids are raised scars that occur where the skin has healed after an injury. Keloids can be caused by anything that causes a scar for example: tattoos, body piercing, or surgeries. They start to form when your cells are trying to repair the wound by forming a scar, extra tissue can cause a raised area called a keloid.

  • Cause

    Keloids form as a result of an overgrowth of scar tissue in response to skin trauma, such as surgical incisions, acne scars, piercings, or burns. The exact cause of keloids is not fully understood, but genetic factors, excessive collagen production, and an abnormal wound healing response are believed to contribute to their development. Individuals with a family history of keloids or certain skin types, particularly those with darker skin tones, are more prone to developing keloids.

  • Treatment

    Treatment options for keloids include corticosteroid injections, which help reduce inflammation and flatten the scar tissue. Additionally, surgical removal, accompanied by post-operative treatments such as silicone gel sheets, pressure dressings, or radiation therapy, may be employed to prevent recurrence. However, keloids can be challenging to treat and may require a combination of approaches tailored to individual patient needs.