• Description

    Lip filler, a cosmetic procedure, involves injecting a substance, typically hyaluronic acid-based, into the lips to enhance their volume, shape, and definition. It can help create fuller, plumper lips and reduce the appearance of fine lines around the mouth. The effects are temporary, lasting several months to over a year, depending on the type of filler used, after which touch-up injections may be needed to maintain the desired results.

  • Cause

    Desire for lip filler often stems from a desire to enhance lip volume and shape, addressing perceived asymmetry or thinness. Some individuals seek lip fillers to achieve a fuller, more youthful appearance or to accentuate facial features for aesthetic purposes.

  • Treatment

    Volumizing your lips - A hyaluronic acid-based lip filler that is an effective treatment for adding volume to your lips and allows for the most natural results.

    Lip Fillers: There are several types of lip fillers including Restylane, Versa, and Juvederm. These are all created with a natural, bioavailable compound, known as hyaluronic acid. When placed appropriately by a well-trained cosmetic injector, it can safely add volume and treat vertical lip lines.

    Natural-appearing lips: As board-certified dermatologists and cosmetic injectors, our goal is only to create the most natural appearance of lips. We will guide you in what is ideal for your lip size and shape. Before each procedure, we will provide you with a realistic understanding of the type of filler we are using and how much is advisable for your lips.

    What to expect during the procedure: For your safety and comfort, we will be numbing you before the procedure. Lidocaine is used both before and during the procedure to ensure that you are comfortable and in minimal pain. The procedure takes only 20-30 minutes and most patients have some swelling that naturally goes down over 24-48 hours.

    How long will it last? Patients receiving lip fillers have immediate results that can last up to a year and sometimes longer.