Ocean Mist

Ocean Mist


Refresh, replenish

  • Key ingredients
    • Rose Water
      Calming and soothing agent
    • Green Tea
      Antioxidant with calming properties
    • Bilberry Fruit Extract
      Antioxidant that also helps even skin tone.
    • Sea Salt
      Natural Humectant
  • Directions

    Shake the Bottle: Ensure that the minerals and antioxidants are evenly distributed by shaking the bottle gently before use.

    Spray Technique: Hold the bottle about six to eight inches away from your face. Close your eyes and mouth, and spray the mist evenly across your face. You can also apply it to your neck and other exposed skin if desired.

    Let It Settle: Allow the mist to naturally settle on the skin. Avoid rubbing it in, as this can reduce its effectiveness. The fine mist should absorb quickly on its own.


    Dry Naturally: Once applied, let your skin air dry to absorb all the nutrients fully.

    Apply Skincare Products: After the mist has dried, you can proceed with your regular skincare routine, applying serums, moisturizers, or makeup as needed.

    Reapply as Needed: Throughout the day, you can reapply the Ocean Mist to refresh your skin and replenish moisture and nutrients, especially if you’re in dry or polluted environments.

    Additional Tips

    Cooling Effect: For an extra refreshing experience, keep the mist in the refrigerator. This is particularly soothing during hot weather or after exposure to the sun.

    After Sun Care: Use the mist to soothe and hydrate skin that has been exposed to the sun, helping to calm any redness and provide antioxidant protection.

  • Skin Types

    All Skin types

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