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Brightening Eye Patches


Say goodbye to tired, dull eyes and hello to a brighter, more radiant look with our Radiant Eyes Brightening Eye Patches. Incorporate them into your skincare regimen for a revitalizing experience that unveils a refreshed and luminous under-eye area.

Key Benefits:
  • - Reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness
  • - Brightens and revitalizes tired-looking eyes
  • - Hydrates and firms delicate under-eye skin
  • - Contains natural extracts and potent brightening agents
  • - Easy-to-use, comfortable application

  • Directions
    Before Use:

    1. Cleanse Your Face: Begin by thoroughly washing your face with a gentle cleanser to remove any makeup, oils, or impurities. Ensure your under-eye area is clean and dry.


    2. Prepare the Patches: Open the package and carefully lift the eye patches from the tray. If there is a protective film, remove it before application.

    3. Apply the Patches: Position each patch under your eyes, ensuring the broader end of the patch is towards the outer corner of your eye. Gently smooth the patches with your fingertips to secure them and eliminate any air bubbles.

    4. Relax and Enjoy: Leave the patches on for 15-20 minutes. Use this time to relax, as the active ingredients work to hydrate, brighten, and revitalize your under-eye area.

    After Use:

    5. Remove the Patches: Gently peel off the eye patches from the edges and discard them. There is no need to rinse your face after removal.

    6. Finalize Your Routine: Tap any remaining essence into the skin using your fingertips. Follow up with your regular eye cream or moisturizer to seal in the benefits of the patches.

    Additional Tips:
    • For an extra cooling effect, store the patches in the refrigerator before use.
    • – Use the eye patches 2-3 times a week or as needed for best results.
    • – Avoid direct contact with the eyes. If contact occurs, rinse your eyes thoroughly with water.

    Note: Discontinue use and consult your dermatologist if irritation occurs.

  • Skin Types

    Under Eye, Serum, Dark Circles

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