• Description

    Angiomas are small blood vessels that appear on the body as three forms of benign growths: Cherry Angiomas, Spider Angiomas, and Angiokeratomas. Irritation might occur due to rubbing against clothing, although angiomas are harmless most patients seek to treat them for cosmetic reasons.

  • Cause

    Angiomas are benign growths of blood vessels in the skin, typically appearing as small red or purple spots or bumps. The exact cause of angiomas is not fully understood, but they are thought to develop due to genetic factors, hormonal changes, and aging. Sun exposure and certain medical conditions may also contribute to their formation.

  • Treatment

    Treatment for angiomas depends on the type and size of the lesion, but options typically include laser therapy, electrosurgery, cryotherapy, or surgical excision. These procedures aim to remove or destroy the abnormal blood vessels causing the angioma while minimizing scarring and discomfort. Regular monitoring by a dermatologist is recommended to assess changes and determine the most suitable treatment approach.