• Description

    Cysts are lumps of gaseous material, fluid, or semisolid. Most cysts are benign and develop due to blockage in our body's natural drainage systems. Tests might be needed like a CT scan, ultrasound, or a biopsy in order to confirm that it is a cyst.

  • Cause

    Cysts develop when fluid, dead skin cells, or other debris accumulate beneath the skin, forming a sac-like structure. The primary cause of cyst formation is often blockage or obstruction of the hair follicles or oil glands, leading to the accumulation of material within the cyst. Factors such as hormonal changes, infections, and genetic predisposition can contribute to the development of cysts in various parts of the body.

  • Treatment

    Treatment for cysts typically involves drainage or removal of the cystic contents through procedures such as incision and drainage, corticosteroid injections, or surgical excision. In some cases, antibiotics may be prescribed if the cyst is infected. It's important to seek medical attention for proper evaluation and management of cysts to prevent complications such as infection or scarring.